Springwell School

House Captains

Springwell School has four houses; Snowdon, Scafell, Donard and Nevis, named after the tallest mountain in each of the four nations of the United Kingdom. All children in school are in one of these houses, and provides them with a community within the school to belong to. Children can earn house points, which are combined collectively, and each term we have a winning house. House points can be awarded or recommended by any member of staff or adult in school, or by the children themselves, where they experience or witness the school values in action.

During the autumn term, the candidates pitched themselves forward for the opportunity to become house captain. They created posters, held a live debate and campaigned in the playground to try and convince the children in their house to support their candidacy. The 8 houses captains, two from each house, were democratically voted for by the children across the school. They have a special role to play in our school society, heading up the house and providing support and communication links between the children in their house.

They are in turn supported by two vice captains for each house, who have a specific role to play in the school community. These roles (Springwell Ambassadors, Health Heroes, Childrens Champions and E-Cadets), provide support for their peers in a specific area. Health Heroes are engaged in promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles; E-Cadets support with digital learning, Springwell Ambassadors seek to develop the school values in the school and Childrens Champions look at developing the experience that children have going through our school.