Springwell School

Important Information


From Thursday 9th September all children will be collected from their individual classroom doors. Each classroom will have on display the name, year group and teachers name. We request that parents form a line to the side of the classroom door allowing access to children departing. 

School ends at 3.15 and the school gates will be opened from 3.10pm for parents. Parents will be able to access the school site from both entrances and will be able to cross from one school to the other.

Teachers will keep the children for 10 minutes and if they are not collected they will then be taken to the late pick up rooms; the Garden Room in EY and KS1 and Willow class in KS2.

Kindly note that the morning drop off remain the same with EYS/KS1 children to be dropped off at Speart Lane entrance and KS2 children to be dropped off at Vicarage Farm Road Entrance (unless they have a younger sibling in EYS/KS1)

Speart Lane Entrance (Infants / KS1) 

Infants / KS1 Drop Off 

8:45  Nursery
8:45 Year 2
8:50 Year 1
8.55 Reception

 Infants / KS1 Pick Up

11:45 Nursery
3:15 Reception
3:15 Year 1
3:15 Year 2


Vicarage Farm Road Entrance (Juniors / KS2)

Juniors / KS2 Drop Off

8:40 Year 6
8:45 Year 5
8:50 Year 4
8:55 Year 3


 Juniors / KS2 Pick Up

3:15 Year 6
3:15 Year 5
3:15 Year 4
3:15 Year 3


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